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  • HPMF – Hospitality Purchasing Managers' Forum

    We are a consortium of like-minded purchasing managers from the hospitality industry representing star hotels, catering companies, stand-alone restaurant chains and airlines.

  • 6000+ Members Joined from All Across the Globe

    Our organisation has grown huge with more than 6000 members from more than 3800 organisations from various countries like India, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and more.

  • Developing Better Opportunities in Procurement

    Training and Development of procurement professionals, industry product standardization, volume discounts, improved professionalism in the purchasing process, green initiatives, and corporate social responsibilities are some of the key elements of HPMF.

Interact with other professionals

Meet like-minded people and share your thoughts and ideas with other professionals in the Hospitality Industry from all over the globe. Interact with various purchase managers who represent top star hotels, catering companies, huge restaurant chains and leading airline companies.

Become a Part of Something Bigger

With our member count of 6000 industry professionals which is continuously growing, you can become a part of our mission in creating a better approach to procurement. We understand the importance of a collective approach, work experience, and the power of networking and want to create a better future for the Hospitality Industry.

12th HPMF Convention

Kolkata, 19-21 Jan 2023

The 12th edition of HPMF Convention will be held in Kolkata, from 19-21 Jan 2023 at JW Marriott Hotel. More than 250 purchase managers are anticipated to participate in the convention this year.


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