HPMF’s Formation of a New Strategic Team for the 1000-Day Agenda

Hospitality Purchasing Managers’ Forum, commonly known as the HPMF is a non-profit organization in India. It is continuously improving the procurement experience for every purchasing manager with the help of top professionals in the industry. The organization has over 6000 members from various parts of the world and is continuously growing at a fast pace. HPMF is dedicated to forming a new and better experience for every procurement manager. We have highly experienced purchasing managers from top hotels, restaurant chains, resorts, catering companies, etc. They all help us brainstorm and invent new techniques and strategies to improve the procurement of materials for various tasks.

As the Indian hospitality industry has grown tremendously over the last two decades, we saw many international as well as domestic companies joining the Indian industry. Hospitality procurement is not a small industry and is pegged at more than 10 billion dollars annually. To assist and improve the hospitality procurement industry, Mr Nitin Shankar Nagrale dreamt of HPMF. In 2010, he started the organization and now it has over 6000 members from countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, The Middle East, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.

Recently, the founder and general secretary of HPMF, Mr Nitin Shankar Nagrale announced the formation of a new team for their 1000-Day agenda. In this, HPMF will form 150 teams of highly experienced professionals from over 20 regions in India and neighbouring countries. The 100-point agenda will cover many activities from strategic tie-ups with numerous governing agencies to the formation of educational courses for hospitality procurement. It will cross all the milestones and benchmarks in the industry and will help open new opportunities for Indian vendors and businesses. It will help improve the quality and experience of the procurements process in the industry and obtain necessary information about the process.

HPMF is registered with the Charity Commissioners’ office and is one of its kind in India. It aims to improve the overall quality of the procurement process and teach new individuals and companies about the importance of hospitality procurement. Before HPMF, no such organizations were helping in the procurement process. It focuses on providing a platform for buyers from the hospitality industry for a better experience. Under the leadership and guidance of Mr Mohan Deshpande, the organization achieved many milestones and is continuously working to improve its functioning. We implement the latest techniques and methods of procurement to increase the work efficiency of the process. Training & Development of purchasing professionals, Consolidated procurement, product standardization, bulk purchase discounts, improved professionalism, development of potential vendors, and corporate social responsibilities are some of the key elements of HPMF.

HPMF has started linking the crucial ends of the procurement process, purchasing and supply. With this new agenda, we aim to create a better purchasing environment. It will be done by developing the knowledge and expertise of hospitality purchasing professionals through education, guidance, and the use of the latest techniques. We believe in the free exchange of views, experiences and advice amongst our members to increase their outputs. HPMF takes part in various exhibitions and expos to connect with the rest of the industry and share our new developments and strategies with them. We take part in Aahar (New Delhi & Chennai), Food Hospitality World (Mumbai and Bangalore), HOSTS (Mumbai & Milan), Index, HOTEC (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Projects Prestige (Doha), CPO Forum (New Delhi & Mumbai, Hotelier India Summit (Mumbai) and Purchase Connect (Chennai).

With this new 1000-Days Agenda, we aim to empower purchasing professionals with the latest technologies and techniques in the hospitality procurement department.

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